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The Mineral Resources Act is the legal framework for all activities related to mineral and hydrocarbon prospecting, exploration and exploitation activities. Please see the explanatory notes to the act here.

Greenland Parliament Act No. 7 of December 7, 2009, on mineral resources and mineral resource activities (the Mineral Resources Act) came into force on 1 January 2010. The Act is valid with the following amendments:

Greenland Parliament Act No. 26 of 18 December 2012.
Greenland Parliament Act No. 6 of 8 June 2014.
Greenland Parliament Act No. 16 of 3 June 2015.
Greenland Parliament Act No. 34 of 28 November 2016.
Greenland Parliament Act No. 16 of 27 November 2018.
Greenland Parliament Act No. 39 of 28 November 2019.

The Act is intended as a framework, constituting the main principles for the administration of mineral resource activities. Furthermore, the Act authorizes the Government of Greenland to lay down provisions in executive orders, standard licence terms, as well as specific licence terms. The Act aims to ensure that activities performed under the Act are performed appropriately with regards to safety, health, the environment, resource exploitation and social sustainability as well as in accordance with acknowledged best international practices under similar conditions.

The Government of Greenland and hydrocarbon licensees must also comply with the following acts and rules relevant to hydrocarbon prospecting, exploration and exploitation activities in Greenland:

- The Public Access Act (an unofficial consolidation of the Act).
- Executive Order on case administration in the public administration.
- Executive Order on reimbursement of expenses.

For the official, and legally binding Acts, please see the official legal documents in Greenlandic or Danish at the homepage