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Greenland National Petroleum Data Repository

The GNPDR is the Greenlandic National Petroleum Data Repository for oil- and gas-related geophysical data.

The GNPDR is used for secure storage and maintenance of geophysical data and reports. The online data solution will provide a system to facilitate uploading and downloading of data and reports through a user-friendly, efficient, functional and visual user interface.

In spring 2020, the Department of Oil and Gas contracted Osokey Ltd. to deliver, operate and maintain a new GNPDR.

The new portal will be available at WWW.GREENPETRODATA.GL from 1 April 2020. All portal features will be ready for use as the content is implemented.

After signing up on the GNPDR, shapefiles for licenses, 2D surveys, 3D surveys, site surveys and well data can be downloaded free of charge.


• Graphical user interface
• GIS-based map for overview of available data
• Advanced search function
• Data upload for licensees
• Data download via the shopping basket
• Search within geophysical or well data
• Service Desk

The GNPDR system

The GNPDR is a data management system designed to store national data. The data available in the repository can be downloaded by stakeholders signing up on the WWW.GREENPETRODATA.GL homepage.

Datatypes stored on the GNPDR:
• 2D and 3D seismic and navigational data
• Well data
• Gravity/magnetic and CSEM data
• Field data
• Site survey data