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Exploration and exploitation licence

The Government of Greenland are opening offshore West Greenland, onshore Disko Island and Nuussuaq Peninsula, and offshore North and Central East Greenland for exploration and exploitation licences. The areas will either be opened as open door procedures or as licensing rounds.

The table below gives an overview of the plan for opening the different areas.

 Region  Opening date  Opening procedure
 Onshore Nuussuaq basin / Disko West  February 2020  Open door
 Baffin Bay  November 2020  Open door
 Offshore Nuussuaq basin / Disko West  November 2020  Open door
 Davis Strait  November 2020  Open door
 North East Greenland (offshore)  July 2021 - postponed until further notice  Licensing round
 Central East Greenland (offshore)  January 2022  Licensing round