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How to get a licence


Prospecting licences

  • Standard areas North, East and West Greenland; Onshore areas or part of the sea off Greenland.
  • Non-exclusive, and no work commitments.
  • Granted for five years.

Licences for exploration and exploitation

  • Specified areas.
  • Exclusive, with work commitments.
  • Granted for up to ten years, and up to 16 years in special circumstances.

1 Compile application

Prospecting licences
Provide documentation:

  • Sufficient information for the Oil and Gas Department to assess the financial and technical capabilities of the applicant;
  • Such other information which may at any time be stipulated by the hydrocarbon authority;
  • Registration in the Central Business Register (CVR number);
  • Confirmation of payment of the application fee.

Licences for exploration and exploitation

All applications are subject to application fees

Prospecting licence:

  • application fee: DKK 3,000.
  • If a prospecting licence is granted to the applicant, the granting fee will be reduced by the application fee.
  • If a prospecting licence is not granted, the application fee will not be refunded. This also applies if the applicant withdraws the application, irrespective of the reason.

Exploration and exploitation licence:

  • Please refer to the Letter of Invitation for the relevant area.

2 Submit application

Apply by sending application forms via post or email.
Further details on applications are under Licence Applications.

Applicants will be informed if their applications are incomplete. The Oil and Gas Department will inform the applicant and request additional information.

3 When granted

All licences are subject to a granting fee, from which the application fees will be deducted.

  • For a prospecting licence: DKK 3,000.
  • Licences for exploration and exploitation: Please refer to the Letter of Invitation for the relevant area, see the page: Exploration and exploitation licence.